The scent of Rain...

As I sit writing this, the rain is pouring down outside. We Irish are always ready with umbrellas & raincoats and a shrug of the shoulders as barbecues and outdoor events are adapted at the last minute. Rain has become a way of life for us winter and summer though it can be more than a bit frustrating.
But Field Apothecary has come up with the most wonderful positive way to celebrate our damp climate, in the form of our Rain candle.
It's the fragrance that most intrigues those who bend to smell our Rain candle. It's the candle that garnered the most 'Ooh's' and Aahh's' at our trade shows since our launch. 
And everywhere we bring it, we're asked how on earth it was created. The talent behind our candles, Alix Mulholland has somehow managed to harness a sense of mist rising from steep, wet banks of earth, using notes of Geranium, Fern and Stone
Presented in a smoky glass jar and made using a natural soy wax blend, each of our essential oil based Irish candles will burn for approximately 45 hours and will truly fill your home with fragrance.
Also available in Peat, Flora, Ivy, Lichen and Hay, our candles feature up to 11 essential oils which have been mixed to create unique indigenous fragrances, all of which can be found inside an Irish field.
Bring some Field Apothecary Ireland into your home this autumn. You can view the whole range on this link.