How to Burn a Candle | Field Apothecary Irish Candles

Don't worry - how to burn a candle isn't much more complicated than lighting it. There are just a few little pointers that will ensure you get the maximum burn and fragrance from each of your candles.

1. Trim the wick before you light your candle for the first time. It should be about 1cm - any longer and your flame will be too big, inclined to mushroom and smoke. Any shorter and you'll run the risk of losing it in the burning wax.

2. On your first burn, always burn your candle until you get a full pool of wax across the top of the jar. If you blow the candle out while there's still a ring of unmelted wax around the edge of your jar, the candle will tunnel the next time you light it, leading to loss of fragrance throw and a reduced burn time. 

This process will take up to 2 hours for a 40 hour candle and 4 hours for our 90 hour, 3 wick candle.

On subsequent burns, it's not necessary to burn the candle for as long - just as long as you do give it a longer burn every now and again.

3. Only burn your candle for a maximum of 4-6 hours each time - to prevent the jar getting too hot. This could result in it cracking. This is especially important when burning smaller candles like our votive size as the heat is concentrated in a smaller space.

4. Remember to trim the wick on all subsequent burns, moving any mushrooming. You can use a nail clippers, scissors or a proper wick cutter for this.

5. If any dark marks appear on the inside of the jar as  the candle burns down, simply remove them with a soft tissue when the candle is cold.

6. Keep your candle on a secure, heat proof surface 

7. Once you reach the last 10mm of wax, blow the candle out to reduce the risk of the jar overheating. When the wax is cold, pop the whole jar into the freezer for 20 minutes. This will shrink the wax away from the jar edges so that you can easily pop the wax out. The glass can then be washed and reused.

8. Remove the wick from the end of the wax and you can pop this wax into an empty oil burner, light a tea light candle beneath and enjoy many more hours of gorgeous Field Apothecary fragrance!